The same applies to places such as some bookstores and restaurants. In all these places, visitors go out during prayer times, the place is closed and reopened after prayer. Knowing the rules and paying attention to the sensitivities of the society is very important in Saudi Arabia.

Men and women were having fun without ever seeing each other at a wedding I was a guest in Saudi Arabia. They gathered in different places in the hall where the wedding of a Turkish and a Lebanese couple was held. There were separate musicians on the women’s side, they were also in a closed room and could not see the women at all. Women watched them, sometimes conveying their wishes, with kamers set up in the musicians’ rooms. Weddings started late and lasted into the late hours of the night.

But young people are trying to find their way out within the strict rules of the country. Because of the difficulties they have in dating outside, they come together at home. The most important point in this matter is the feeling of trust. Meet the confidence they gave to each of the participants, the most important reference for the next event. One of the meeting hosts, Mahmut (we cannot give his and the others’ full names), teaches at a school. They meet with their friends on certain days, chat and play the guitar. Hatice, on the other hand, tells that she had a lot of trouble to come here once a month to listen to music and smoke.

Graphic design student Ayşe gives us the following example to help us understand the dynamics in the country: “My father is a very forward-thinking and educated person. But we must not forget that we live in Saudi Arabia. I had to take pictures for my homework at school. I couldn’t go to the studios and shoot outside. My father also set up a small photo studio at home. I sit in another room and learn the theoretical knowledge of photography through the video camera in the studio by watching the photographer who comes home. I even know that I will never even have a chance to practice. ” Ayşe also adds: “Everyone has a camera here, it is possible to take pictures; trees, statues and the Red Sea… “

The women wear black clothes called “abaya”. Non-Saudi women do not have to cover their faces. A Saudi woman cannot go out without a cover and a family man. Mutavva has the right to stop vehicles. It is often considered a crime for men and women who are not from the same family or “surety”, who do not work in the same company, in the same vehicle. However, there are some different applications for foreigners in the country. For example, foreign women can work; Most of the women working in banks and health centers are from Asian countries such as Philippines and Malaysia. In heavy work, male workers from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and India take part. The economic opportunities provided by the state to its citizens cause foreigners to do more of the work.

You cannot come to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a tourist officially; They enter the country with pilgrimage, umrah and work visas. However, in order to work, a person or a company must be a guarantor. This system is called “surety”; It is not possible to obtain a residence and work permit called “substitution” without a guarantor.

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