So this is its main advantage. There are no bets here and you are actually not just collecting cards, but collecting combinations. In this game, you can concentrate completely on your game with one goal – to get the maximum combinations in all three boxes.

Among the wide variety of poker styles, we can highlight the open type Chinese poker (OFC Pineapple) “Pineapple”. This game is very different from normal classic poker games. According to the rules, after the second move, the dealer deals three closed playing cards to the players. Players discard one of the cards received and use the remaining two to make a combination. Opponents can only see that two cards are face up, while the second remains a secret.

The game consists of a deck of 52 cards without jokes. There cannot be more than three players at the same time at the table. As a result, the game has only five moves: 5 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2. If the “Fantasy” falls, the participant is given 14 cards, 13 of which can be used. A card remains face down. The aim of the game is to make the strongest possible combinations in each round, allowing you to defeat your opponents and gain maximum points. The person who wins the points breaks the pot. You can recognize this type of poker online at PokerStars or the Poker dom poker room, which is no less popular than 888.

As mentioned above, the game uses 52 cards and has no betting circles. The dealer distributes all cards to the participants on five streets. Unlike Texas Hold’em, players are dealt five cards in turn on the first street. The player must leave all the cards he received in the box. Three cards are dealt on the second street. From that moment and on all subsequent streets, one card must be discarded by the player and two cards must remain in the boxes. Players are dealt three cards on the third, fourth and fifth streets.

This term refers to the areas where all players place the cards they have taken from the dealer. Boxes are also called rows. During the game, the participant must place their cards in three boxes.

The top box is the weakest line of the three cards. It can be combinations such as set, top pair and pair. The box in the middle can hold five cards. Here are the combinations of average strength. The bottom box is the strongest row of five cards.

All lines are subject to a strict hierarchy. For example, the middle line cannot be higher than the lower one. All combinations are listed in ascending order. Equality is also permissible. If this rule is violated, the hand is automatically “dead” and will not enter the draw. Accordingly, no points are awarded and the player loses to all his opponents. To understand the nuances of the placement of the cards in the boxes in Pineapple, the Poker House room offers to go through a poker school where everyone can learn all the secrets of a successful game.

Once enough players (at least two) have gathered at the table, the opponents must confirm that they are ready to start the round. The game will not start until all players confirm by clicking the appropriate button in the popup. By pressing this, the participant confirms that he has deposited a certain amount of money in the bank.

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