Active Energy Price and Distribution Cost are calculated by multiplying the consumption with the unit prices determined by EMRA and renewed every quarter of the year.

The share of TRT varies depending on the tariff, it is not taken in industrial tariffs, but at the rate of 2% of the Active Energy Price in other tariffs. BTV varies depending on the tariff, it is 1% of the Active Energy Price in industry tariffs and 5% in other tariffs. The VAT base is reached by adding the amount of 5 items mentioned above, and the invoice amount is calculated by adding 18% VAT on this amount.

The tariff information of the customers is available from the Customer Group on the invoice. In addition, our customers can access tariff information from our Call Center and web address.

The tariffs to be reflected to the users of retail licensed companies operating in the Electricity Market are determined by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) in accordance with the Electricity Market Law No. 6446; The implementation of these tariffs is a legal obligation for Licensee companies. The tariffs of the Electricity Market are renewed every quarter of the year and come into effect after being published in the Official Gazette.

You can learn all your invoice debt information (not in execution tracking) from our Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM) or our contracted institutions by specifying your subscriber number, you can request your copy invoice needs on our website, and you can also get it from our Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM).

The amount of your electricity bill may vary depending on seasonal usage and the number of days between reading periods. For example, although the usage degrees of devices such as refrigerator, air conditioner, kettle or water heater are the same, their consumption increases or decreases due to seasonal differences.

After evaluating these factors, if you think that your invoice is incorrect, you can register by making an application from our website, our Call Center or Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM) by specifying your subscriber number and, if possible, the indexes on the meter to result in the transaction faster.

In the electricity bills, the costs of 4 main activities, from the generation of electricity to its consumption, are seen. The consumption amount (active / net energy) shown in the invoice is a price that is mostly related to the generation made in the power plant. In other words, the energy cost reflects the costs incurred during the generation of electricity in any power plant.

Turkey, which is a public institution mainly from the electrical power plant Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ), it is transported on the transmission lines operated by the city network. The procurement company assigned on behalf of TEİAŞ collects the transmission price we see in the invoices from the consumer in return for this service and this price is transferred to TEİAŞ.

The electricity that reaches the city grid is carried to the consumers’ door by carrying it on the distribution lines of the distribution company. The distribution fee we see in the invoices is collected by the distribution company in return for the investments and operating expenses made in relation to the distribution network.

The retail sales service fee collected in the electricity bills is the equivalent of the cost of the service related to the retail activity. Meter reading fee, on the other hand, is an element of the distribution tariff, but it is accrued separately because the costs related to this activity can be better monitored, the tariffs can be calculated more accurately and the service is independent of the consumption amount.

TRT Turkey Radio and Television Law No. 3093 Share of income are taken under the Act.

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