With its mild climate, Cyprus is a suitable place to play golf all year round. Top quality facilities built recently fuel the sports interest on the island. Especially Korineum Golf & Country Club has been Med’s natural golf paradise since its grand opening in April 2007. It is a dynamic 6,232 meter, par 72 gem designed for golfers. The 18-hole, 6,232 meters, 72 championship golf courses are suitable for golfers of all ages and standards. Thanks to its unique design, golfers can have great experiences with mountain and sea views from all over the course.

The fact that Northern Cyprus is on an unspoiled nature and migration route makes it a magnificent place for enthusiasts to observe rare birds. Bird watching is becoming a popular leisure activity in Northern Cyprus. The Eastern Mediterranean is known as a place where bird species intersect on their long journeys. The Karpaz Peninsula, an intact national park of Northern Cyprus, which is isolated and less developed than many of its counterparts, attracts a significant number of migrating birds and plays an important role for bird watching. Commonly, there are the Cyprus Wheatpecker and the Cyprus Warbler. It is possible to come across a wide variety of birds, both migratory and resident.

With its warm waters, excellent visibility and many fascinating dive sites to explore, North Cyprus is the perfect choice for those who enjoy scuba diving. Its crystal clearness extends unpolluted water visibility up to 30 meters. The water being warm enough makes it possible to dive all year round. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in scuba diving, Northern Cyprus offers you areas to experience suitable for all levels. Scuba diving sites in Northern Cyprus include “Antique Shop”, one of the coves surrounded by ancient amphora remains, and Zeyko, a 14-meter underwater mountain.

Büyükkonuk Eco-Tourism Association welcomes those who come to visit their village. There is always someone at the Eco-Tourism Visitor Center who advises you and explains how village arts are made. Among these handicrafts, it includes handicrafts such as bread making, weaving, basket making. Using sustainable natural resources, for example, woodwork such as olive wood, one of the regularly ground wood products, hellim and delicious Cypriot cuisine are cooked in large clay ovens, many of which are located in the gardens of village houses. Recipes passed down from generation to generation are not available in city restaurants. There are also event days where bread and halloumi productions are displayed.

With more than a hundred miles of rugged coastline, towering mountain peaks, untouched terrain and an average of 345 days of sunshine a year, Northern Cyprus is a trekking paradise. The unique and mild climate of Cyprus offers all year round opportunities for trekking. While trekking on the paths of Beşparmak Mountain, enjoying the magnificent views and nature, at the same time, St.

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